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photo a day

3. something you adore

My baby the glum butterfly.


photo a day

2. breakfast

Freshly pressed apple orange lemon ginger juice. Great breakfast. Thanks, mami!


photo a day

1. you

jan12 photo a day

A fun little project I’m going to try to do. I’m going to start by playing catch-up.

four months

Happy four months, Nicander. You let me nuzzle you a thousand times a day. My kisses and my songs make you giggle and so does watching your father do “silly yoga” every morning. Sometimes I wish this would last forever, but by now I also know that this just gets better and better; you’re going to be such a cool kid to be around.
Eight days a week, I love you, eight days a week, is not enough to show I care.


babies & turkeys

He looks forward to eating one of these next year.

calmness & thumbs

Nick found his thumbs.

In the past few weeks he found them and lost them several times.¬†Yesterday he experimented with the left and the right, sucking furiously, loudly and sloppily. Today he decided he probably prefers the left. I sucked my left thumb, too. I didn’t couldn’t wouldn’t quit until I was 8 (or 9?) and got a retainer to orthodontically realign my jaw. My left thumb was a bit thinner than my right from all the sucking. I’m not even kidding. Of course, now I’m wondering if we should have given the poor kid a pacifier after all. At least that way we could have helped him give it up at some point, like “lets go to the post office and send it to a baby who needs it, you don’t anymore because you’re a Big Boy now. Here, have a lollipop”. Can’t do that with a thumb.

He looks very tranquil, though, doesn’t he?

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