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happy easter




photo a day

2. breakfast

Freshly pressed apple orange lemon ginger juice. Great breakfast. Thanks, mami!


babies & turkeys

He looks forward to eating one of these next year.

balloons & showers

My sisters-in-law threw me a baby shower a few days ago. It was small and intimate, and very lovely. There was light vegetarian fare: quiches, vegetables and hummus, a cheese platter, fresh fruit, iced tea, sparkling wine, fruit nectars, plenty of ice (it is HOT in NYC), a huge bowl of sweet cherries. There were beautiful flower bouquets. I got some really nice gifts, including great classic children’s books, and some really sweet onsies and soft blankets and swaddling cloths etc.

There were macaroons and balloons. We got to take about half (30?) of the helium balloons home. I let them float to our high ceiling and watched them float down one by one the next morning, like lazy snowflakes. Now they’re scattered all over the floor, and we pretend we live in a weird art installation.

backtracking & food

When I’m in Switzerland, food is important. Here are some of my must-haves.

Migros yogurt. The best ever. Other brands do not compare. Pictured here: apple-pear, pêche melba, raspberry, redcurrant, rhubarb-vanilla, yogos (Greek style).

Rivella (red and green only!), and Pepita. Delicious soft drinks. I was especially obsessed because of the pregnancy, I think. Both are bubbly with just the right amount of tang.


Other essentials include raclette and fondue, of course. Several times if possible. And everything in my mother’s well stocked fridge (she goes to the greenmarket twice a week) and most everything she makes. I really miss her homemade jams and jellies on fresh bread in the morning. There’s more, but the muffin and I are hungry now, so I can’t think… but I know there’s some leftover take-out Thai in my little NYC fridge. Not bad either.

backtracking & cups

I was in Europe for three months. This is northern Italy in April, and the cup I drank foamy hot chocolate out of for about a month. Very good drink. Heavenly view.

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