baby & waiting

Three things I have become addicted to during this pregnancy: Angry Birds, Swedish Fish, anchovies.

Five things that have gone through my mind in the past week:

This will be the last time I cut my toenails before I have a baby. (It will be, but only because I really cannot reach them anymore. I cut my fingernails every three days. My nails and hair have been growing like crazy.)

This will be the last time I mop the floors before I go to the hospital. (Yes, because I just refuse to clean now.)

This will be the last time I walk more than 15 blocks in this heat before I’m a mama. (But I just did again today. I thought it might get things moving. It didn’t.)

This will be the last time I wash my hair before the baby comes. (Nope. I’ve washed it several times since proclaiming that.)

This will be the last load of laundry I do before I’m admitted to the hospital. (I have done a load since. How can two people produce so much laundry?)

My birth plan is written, my bag is packed.

Waitingwaitingwaiting. Come on, baby, it’s time!

1 Response to “baby & waiting”

  1. 1 Karin Morrow August 2, 2011 at 09:12

    Liebe Beyond!
    Thanks for the update. Your shower experience sounds lovely. I have been thinking of you a lot, and am now not worried at all, but feeling exited for you, thanks to your blogging. When will it be….hmm….full moon? Is that too long to wait? Sounds like you are ready any moment. Please send me your street address, (via email?) it might have changed….I would like to send you something.

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