poetry & travel

on a big metal bird all alone

standing in line with hundreds

on an unhurried dark blue train

grateful for a musty seat

a stone and a blossom in my heart

murmur of voices

nervous tap-taps of a pen on a desk

soap and sweaty palms

uniforms and bare toes

hearts pounding hearts abloom

butterflies in my tummy

knowing where to go is a curse

arriving anywhere is an adventure

arriving anywhere is nostalgia

joyful to see mountains and cities

searching for something better faster

contradictions and hope


(An very talented artist asked me -and many others- to write about travel, departing, arriving… for a project she’s working on. This is what I sent her.)

2 Responses to “poetry & travel”

  1. 1 chiara.u September 4, 2009 at 05:11

    I love it… is intense, deep,… many compliments!

  2. 2 Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com September 14, 2009 at 16:51

    I hope your friend likes it!

    If it were mine, it would say “arriving anywhere scares me half to death.” I’m not a good traveler. It’s clear that you must be =)

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I really like the phrase "always an adventure". I am a Reiki Master and work as a therapist in Manhattan, in my private practice and at a cancer center. I also freelance as a translator in the New York City area and beyond.


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