milano, fish & geese

Here are bits of our day and a half in Milano. For some reason I took no pictures of the yummy food we ate in this lovely city. One memorable meal was at Pescheria da Claudio, a fancy fish shop where you can order food and eat at the bar. With a complementary glass of white wine and grissini. Everything we had was delectable. They seem to specialize in raw fish dishes, so I guess you could call it a pescheria sushi bar. 


We took a little trip outside the city to Teatro la Cucina, to see a play where there were five geese on stage. Geese! Also two actors, a dog and a pony. But I was most impressed with the geese. They were more obedient than the dog. Beautiful and poetic creatures. 


This is a miniscule part inside the Duomo. Made me think of how Tolkien characters must feel when then they cross interminably long cold marble halls to go meet the King so he can send them to their fate. Their footsteps echoing eerily. A gargantuan feline creature watching from the sidelines swishing her tail and hoping they are dinner. Disquietude and wonder. The Duomo ceiling is so high it’s way out of frame in this photo. Simply amazing.


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