snow & trains

A few days ago we flew to Milano, then we took a bus to Milano Centrale so I could hop on a train to Switzerland.

It’s a beautiful (almost four hour) ride. You should go for it if you ever have the chance. In the first part -still in Italy- you can admire the charming view of Lago Maggiore, and two islands, Isola Bella and Isola Superiore. They look like miniature cities plopped into the lake.

(At the border in Domodossola two loud elderly couples might invade your compartment.)

In Switzerland the train ride takes you through part of the Valais, so you’re basically in a valley with gorgeous mountains on either side. Splendid snow-covered beauty.

At the end of the Valais -or at the beginning of it, depending which way you look at it- you will get to Lake Léman (Lake of Geneva). The view of the brilliant blue lake and the white alps is just breathtaking. This is where it may start to look like home.

Take pictures if you have the presence of mind. I was really tired and trying hard to ignore the loud elderly couples and worried that I would fall asleep and miss my station -one of my big fears in life- and all that combined made me forget to take out my camera. Sorry.

Am enjoying time with my family. Although I was expecting mild springtime and am getting winter temperatures and lots of snow instead, these are good times.

1 Response to “snow & trains”

  1. 1 spasmicallyperfect March 10, 2009 at 16:17

    Enjoy your time.
    Say ‘hi’ for me.
    Hm….. wouldn’t mind showing up for lunch or dinner……

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