Marc By Marc Jacobs Kid Ballet With Bow Stucco

I was strolling along in the West Village the other day when I was magically drawn into the Marc Jacobs store. No idea how that happened. I rarely go in there, mainly because all items, however beautiful and trendy, are just too pricey. (Although I have gotten my sister some smaller things in the ‘cheap’ Marc Jacobs store down the block.) Next thing I knew I was trying on shoes. The lovely camel ballerinas pictured above. I don’t go shoe shopping very often (just not my favorite activity), so these were the only ones I tried on. They fit, they didn’t even hurt as I test-walked them among the shopping tourists plus I don’t have any shoes in that color. So I bought them. Oh, and the best thing? They were 70% off. They’re cute, huh?

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I really like the phrase "always an adventure". I am a Reiki Master and work as a therapist in Manhattan, in my private practice and at a cancer center. I also freelance as a translator in the New York City area and beyond.


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