I don’t go clothes shopping a lot.

Part of my teenage rebellion was to shop at second hand and salvation army type shops, I embraced the worn, used and grungy look, all the while listening to Nirvana. It’s also an old habit from the years when I was very poor and barely able to make (New York City) rent every month. It’s a curiously difficult habit to get over. But I am slowly recovering and have been buying clothes in regular stores. Simple basics in black or other monochromes, that I can mix and match easily is what I usually go for. I like natural materials. Patterns frighten me. I have an innate tendency to be frugal and would never purchase an insanely expensive tunic or a $250 pair of jeans. (Even if my finances allowed it, I would rather donate the money to a good cause.)

A couple of weeks ago, as days got chillier, I realized I needed a fall jacket. I had such a hard time finding one! Apparently you’re supposed to buy fall jackets in summer. The remaining items were either shiny, too short (I really dislike a chilly lower back), 3/4 sleeved (what is it with the 3/4 sleeves?!?) or bright pink. I also like to check the ‘made in’ label; I often prefer to pay a couple dollars more for sweatshop free items, and even better if they haven’t been shipped halfway around the world. I finally found this fall trench coat at forever21, a store I don’t usually go to. It’s sleek, both the shell and the lining are cotton, and there’s no weird faux fur at the collar. And at around $40 the price was right. I admit I was relieved not to have to hunt any longer. Happy sigh. I am pleased with the purchase.

credit: forever21.com

PS: There is no ‘made in’ tag on this coat, but on the website it does say ‘imported’. I am guessing that’s it was made where 90% of the jackets I looked at were made; in a certain Asian country where basic human rights are too often shunned. This bothers me, I really pay attention to things like that. 


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  1. 1 spasmicallyperfect November 3, 2008 at 10:26

    I remember girlfriends shoppping in second hand stores. I remember arguments over how low cut jeans should be, how not to wear certain socks, and how even my mother had funkier taste than I had.

    As for clothes shopping. 9-5 job still requires a certain attire, but I bought myself ‘casual Friday’ for 2 weeks (benefit for donating to United Way) and I have to say, it was marvelous. Probably because the low cut pair of jeans I currently own is the only piece of clothing that really fits my early winter butt.

    As for coats and jackets, no matter how many I have, I never seem to have the right one for the occasion. Glad you found one.

    PS. Colleagues of mine just came back from Beijing and brought a few clothing items (at a fraction of the regular price) with them. And guess what, the tag read ‘made in the USA’. Even if there is a tag, nowadays you can’t even trust that anymore.

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I really like the phrase "always an adventure". I am a Reiki Master and work as a therapist in Manhattan, in my private practice and at a cancer center. I also freelance as a translator in the New York City area and beyond.


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